Bangkok Roller Derby

What is your Roller Derby name? Andy -War – Hole? Pussy Mulator? Josh Brawlin? From the professional endurance races dating back to the early part of the 20th century to the evolution of the contact sport we know today Roller Derby is a unique experience and if you have never been to one I highly recommend you experience it for yourself. Back in the day when it was basically an endurance challenge teams would race on a track for 57,000 laps,the equivalent of skating from San Fran to New York. Kinda puts the Daytona 500 to shame. The game today involves two teams consisting of Jammers and Blockers and the Pivots. Both teams simultaneously

play defense and offense as the Jammers try to break thru the opposing teams blockers. Once a Jammer gets thru the blockade and completes an initial lap scoring happens when the Jammer laps the opposing teams players. If you like American Football and/or Rugby then you will love Roller Derby.The history of this sport is as fascinating as attending a game in its modern fashion. Check out some Roller Derby Origins here.

This past weekend I was invited to come photograph the Bangkok Roller Derby match between the Mangogogos and Papayarrghs at the Roller Dome. My first Roller Derby ever. It was with great joy in taking on the challenge of capturing such a fun an unique event. My new favorite sport! Be on the lookout for the next Roller Derby near you. Enjoy the photos.

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