Bangkok Photo Rambles

Bangkok Photo Rambles has begun! Photographer and extraordinary gentlemen John Stiles and I have been working together to come up with a way to share the unique experience of photo walks in and around the rush that is Bangkok. We wanted to take people onto the off-beaten path and truly immerse themselves into the daily cultural life. We want them to say to themselves,”I’m neck deep in it now”, with a smile on their face.

Our trial run was this past weekend taking two voluntary ramblers deep into the heart of Chinatown. We were to meet at Hua Lamphong station take a few shots ( or a few hundred shots ) and then make our way out towards Chinatown. With our senses already under attack from all angle we pass by Wat Trai Mit (Golden Buddha Temple) home of a massive golden Buddha.

I never tire of wandering the tiny alleyways of Bangkok’s Chinatown, with their blend of Thai and Chinese traditions and customs, the life of the residents played out in small shops and homes. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere there: the scents of charcoal smoke, incense and steaming pots of food; freshly caught fish flopping in their tubs; the sounds of motorcycles squeezing through on deliveries; neighbors calling to one another, and friendly waves and smiles enhancing each moment in a myriad of ways. It is never the same experience twice, even though the alleyways have become familiar.

– John Stiles


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