Miss Vietnam

For a little over a year now Bangkok Photo Rambles has sustained itself with help from the extraordinary talents, skill and overall charisma of photographers John Stiles and Jeremiah Boulware. When the editors of Dé Modé contacted BPR looking for photographers to shoot former Miss Vietnam for the cover of the magazines upcoming edition we …

Bangkok Roller Derby

What is your Roller Derby name? Andy -War – Hole? Pussy Mulator? Josh Brawlin? From the professional endurance races dating back to the early part of the 20th century to the evolution of the contact sport we know today Roller Derby is a unique experience and if you have never been to one I highly …


Faces & Places Vol. 1 Has Arrived

Beautiful black and white images that give a poetic glimpse into the fascinating world of South East Asia. From China to the forest of Borneo these photographs will inspire the traveler within. Please click here to order a copy of Faces & Places Vol. 1 .