Miss Vietnam

For a little over a year now Bangkok Photo Rambles has sustained itself with help from the extraordinary talents, skill and overall charisma of photographers John Stiles and Jeremiah Boulware. When the editors of Dé Modé contacted BPR looking for photographers to shoot former Miss Vietnam for the cover of the magazines upcoming edition we were thrilled at the opportunity. While I was finishing up with our first short doc on

Klong Life John had begun communications with the magazines editor-in-chief Nikhil Rana who happens to have played a role in developing the Mars rover. Before we knew it Nikhil and his team had located a studio fitting for the graces of a former Miss Universe. John and I scouted out the studio the day before the shoot and discovered the peculier character who owned and operated Swing Studio & Cafe. It just so happens that this particular photography studio was run by a certified Spegehttologist. After going over logistics we felt confident we were ready for the shoot.
On top of getting some great shots of Huoung Pham, aka Miss Vietnam, we were able to put together an ad and tips page to go inside the magazine. To get the full story click here.

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