The Path of Growing Rich

“Those who succeed in an outstanding way seldom do so before the age of 40. More often, they do not strike their real pace until they are well beyond the age of 50.”

– Napoleon Hill

Today I am comforted by this quote. When, in my late teens, I was given a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill I just assumed that my Dad wanted to make sure I wasn’t poor when I grew up. Well, now that I’m forty I’ve come to the threshold of a more genuine understanding of the universe and my place, or should I say my pace, in it. True wealth , according to Mr. Hill, is measured not by what you have, but what you are. So,who am I?

Well, I know that I do not want to be dominated by negative bullshit that takes residence in the mind until bitterness is the only view I see of the world around me. Life by itself already dose a good job of dishing out…well…life. There are always  going to be things in life that are out of your control so the last thing you want to become a habit, is creating those negative stories while sitting in the rocking chair of worry. So, get out there with your goals and desires and feed them daily with persistence.


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