Road to Chiang Mai (PhotoBook)

From the introduction of my recent photobook.

The images in this book chronicle the road trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai that my wife and I (and Barnaby) went on for seven days and eight nights in the month of October 2016 just days following the death of the King who symbolized great unity among the people of Thailand. The appreciation in the value of this experience could not have been possible without acknowledging, with special thanks, the following:

Our parents, who showed us first the rules of the road trip experience and for their patience in allowing us to bend them to our advantage while at the same time creating Beatles and Dave Matthews fans out of them for life.

Barnaby, a dog born for travel and whose only complaint is when the car is idle for too long.

Manuel, for being a milestone in our appreciation for life on the road. Enjoy your Doritos and please try to forgive the Beavers, I know deep down inside you give a damn.

To Sarah, sharing these adventures with you is what makes my life worth living and I look forward to all our future travels together.

and to the cyanobacteria…thanks for the oxygen farts.

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