MUN @ Ruamrudee Int'l School

My last job was all about documenting the day to day actions of a school for Chinese nationals in SE China. It was a job so there came those moments where it felt like a job. However successful the execution of any given event it sometimes became mundane and I would question my existence as a photographer. Then someone from the past would say to me, “Wow, you’re a photographer for a high school in China…that sounds amazing.” And then I would feel bad and quickly realize how fortunate I was to not only have a job but I had a job that I had a significant amount of passion invested in. I was in love with the idea of capturing those decisive moment of any given situation that would reveal the genuine emotions and expression of those “faces” of a job.

2 thoughts on “MUN @ Ruamrudee Int'l School

  1. Good story. Easy to identify with as some have experienced the same feelings. You were able to convey those feelings verbally as well as give a visual context. Looking forward to reading and seeing more!


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