BTS Chinatown Bangkok

Recently I met up with photographer John Stiles on a photowalk in Chinatown Bangkok to explore, in street photography fashion, the unique beauty and sometimes chaotic celebrations of Chinese New Year. At times overwhelming to the senses as one could close their eyes at any given moment and feel as though they were at the epicenter of a war zone. I even felt as though we had “escaped” once we found ourselves traversing the cavernous alleyways, that seemed far removed from the sights and sounds of the main boulevards, where for me the real adventure lies. Two women preparing cubed congealed pigs blood while tending a large boiling vat of dozens of pig hearts were kind enough to pause from their celebratory duties to indulge us in a few photo ops.


I want to thank John for capturing some BTS shots of me in action as it is rare for me to see me as “the photographer” doing his thing.





Here is a gallery of some more images from the day.

3 thoughts on “BTS Chinatown Bangkok

    1. #1 son,not only do you have the “eye” for photography but also the ” prose” that speaks volumes of your “art”dad


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